Cover preview of "The Ritual" from Book Of Shadows.

Cover preview of "The Ritual" from Book Of Shadows.


Was lange währt, wird endlich gut!
(It's been a long time coming.)

Martin Nethercutt considers the GEIST-Trilogy to be his lifetime musical work and achievement.

A Rock'n Roll Trilogy

You will be taken on a musical journey through various landscapes of sound and compositions. From Hard Rock and Heavy Metal to Contemporary and World music genres, the spectrum of musical colors is quite broad.

The GEIST Trilogy kicks off with the current release:
"Book Of Mirrors", a 15 track opus, taking the listener on a journey of self-realization through lyrics and music content.
Martin likes to call it his: "Rock 'n' Roll Harry Potter for Grown-Ups."
Currently available in the iTunes store.
The album is followed by: "Book Of Shadows" which is planned to be released early-mid 2019.
The trilogy reaches its conclusion with acoustic overtones and settings in "Book Of Light", the final chapter of the Rock'n Roll Odyssey.

An animated movie script is in the works.