GEIST - Book Of Shadows - Album Teaser/Trailer

GEIST - Book Of Shadows - Album Preview 2

One World Music by: Martin Nethercutt Lyrics by: Ruth McCartney and Martin Nethercutt "We're living in One World, this Realm without Borders, Brothers and Sisters under one Sky..." Written nearly a decade ago, this song is about uniting the world with music. The message couldn't be more timely.
In this world of constant media bombardment, time seems to fly. When you look at it from a technological point of view, we are surely heading for a singularity. Computers are getting faster, attention spans are getting shorter. When I first started in the Internet business, it used to take 18 months for new processors to arrive.
Many have asked what "GEIST" means. Well, it's German for "Ghost", "Spirit", "Essence" and even the word "Holy Ghost" is mentioned here and there. We have decided to put up a little video for you to explain ourselves a little better.