V0icE Over

Martin understands the disciplines that are demanded in today’s multimedia. Each project is unique and requires a very wide ranging knowledge of skill sets that are needed to bring a project to its fruition.

With over 20 years of experience in recording music and vocals / voice over for client projects, Martin basically runs everything. From tracking and performing to engineering, editing and mixing.

"I have a good understanding how ad agencies work.
As a producer I think my main talent is to get the best performance out of the artist. Having worked on so many projects, it has become my specialty to elevate a standard performance in the final mix into making it shine."

Coming from a musical and graphical background in Germany and perfecting the crafts in the United States of America today, Martin brings a European education of voice, form and function, art and design to each project.

Martin Nethercutt (German Animated) Reel.

Voice Style:

Smooth and warm Mid-West American voice. Ideal for presentations, documentaries, commercial spots and audio books. An all-around friendly voice.
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For more information, please visit Martin's page at Voice123.com