Early Days

by Martin Nethercutt

A collection of songs from past days of writing and recording. The collection covers various styles of music, recorded in Munich Germany, Nashville, TN and Los Angeles. Enjoy!

Munich, Germany
After having played in various bands in Germany, my professional life as singer, songwriter and musician really began to take shape around 1986-1991 in Munich, Germany.
Collaborations with writers and producers such as: Gerry Wallner, Michael Hofman-DeBoer and world renown producer Harold Faltermeyer.

Nashville, Tennessee
1994-1997 After having lost our house in the Northridge Earthquake in 1994 we moved to Nashville where I really started to hone my skills as a composer and writer.

Los Angeles, CA
In 1997 we've moved back to L.A. and I have been working on music in various roles. As a performer and producer the GEIST project started to take shape in the early 2000's and the writing bug has been with me ever since.