Music by: Marino De Silva
Voices by: Martin Nethercutt and Ruth McCartney
©2010 Ruth McCartney Music, BMI

Excerpt from "GEIST BOOK"

Electric Karma (Chapter 4)

He woke the next morning.

His body felt great and for the first time in a long while, his mind was clear.

In the first glow of light this place was more beautiful than advertised.

He stepped out of his room and saw a group of people gathered around a lake doing Yoga. After last night’s massage treatment, he felt hungry and invigorated.

These people are miracle workers, he thought to himself.

Seemingly out of nowhere a person stood next to him.

“Feeling better?” One of the healers asked him with a smile. He nodded.

“Planning on getting back to the city? If I were you, I’d stay a while, we still have a lot of work to do”’

Work? He frowned.

“Oh yes,” the healer replied, “We’ve just prepared you for the next step.”

What next step?

“As with everything you have to confront you inner demons to truly be able to even attempt the transformation.”

Demons? Transformation?

This Hippy talk didn’t make any sense.

“Stay. Tonight. A guide will take out into the Desert to a place we call “Electric Karma”. Hopefully, at the end of your journey, you will find The Book Of Mirrors. Only then will you have a chance to face your inner torment, and change…”